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Ruse Dance Club

Interested in learning new dances? Join Ruse Dance Club! Welcome to Ruse Dance Club!

 We teach a variety of dances from hard-hitting K-pop routines to captivating 1MILLION choreography. There are many opportunities to perform throughout the year, like during SRC week at the talent show, at the school dances, or at year meetings, and we can help organise a routine for you. 

Every week, for variety, we teach two dances, one that’s more suited for girls and one that’s more suited for boys, but feel free to do either! Best part is: you don’t need any dance experience or skill! 


Our purpose is to encourage you to be more comfortable and confident in dancing and performing in front of crowds by providing a time and space for you to express yourself through the art of dance. So come on down to make new friends and show off your epic dance skills.

Meeting Detail

Day - Every Friday
Time - 3.15PM - 4.30PM
Location - Hall