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RuseUNICEF is a social justice club that raises awareness for the hardships of children in difficult situations.  We hope to encourage Ruse students to consider how they can help ensure that children living in underprivileged circumstances can receive more adequate education, nutrition, healthcare, and other basic needs. In these weekly meetings, we aim to spread the message that through working together and directly addressing social issues, it is possible to create a better world for everyone.

At UNICEF, we hold weekly meetings where we discuss various ongoing issues and we open the floor to club members who are free to share their opinions. We believe that starting such conversations on these topics are vital to creating change. 

This year we chose specifically to discuss:

  • Youth homelessness in Australia and how we can help as individuals. Throughout the year, UNICEF runs various events to fundraise or advocate for different charities. 
  • Jeans for Genes, which raises money for Children’s Medical Research Institute to help find treatments/cures for birth defects or genetic disease that affect 1 in 20 Aussie kids.
  • 40 Hour Famine, which aims for young Australians to understand the lack of food that children in third world countries struggle with, as well as to raise money to help this cause.