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James Ruse Agricultural High School Parents & Citizens Association

The James Ruse Agricultural High School Parents and Citizens Association (JRAHS P&C) plays an integral role in the James Ruse Agricultural High School community. We aim to bring parents, staff, students and citizens together to benefit the interests of the students and the school.

Through the Annual Contribution and various activities such as Food Days and the Annual Raffle, P&C raises valuable funds that are donated to the school to improve its facilities, purchase new equipment and resources, and support identified projects.

P&C meetings are held twice each term on the Tuesday of Week 3 and Week 8 at 6:30pm. All parents and carers are welcomed to attend these meetings, regardless of whether you are a P&C member or not.

We encourage all parents, carers and guardians of students enrolled at the school, as well as citizens, employees and school staff to become members of the P&C. The P&C uses a mobile APP, Qkr (pronounced as Quicker), for collecting the $5 membership fee and member contact details. Please follow the Parent Guide for Qkr to register and pay. Thank you for becoming a member of the P&C Association.

Please feel free to contact us on jamesrusepandc@gmail.com should you have any questions, ideas or issues you wish to raise, or would like to contribute to or volunteer at any of our P&C events.

JRAHS P&C Committee 2024/2025



Emma Bao (Parent of Y8)


Vice Presidents:


Katie Zhang (Parent of Y8)

Yashwant Desai (Parent of Y9)



John Dawson (Parent of Y11)




Nancy Ren (Parent of Y8)


Committee Members:


Rita Chen (Parent of Y7)

Fei Gao (Parent of Y7)

Brintta Karthik (Parent of Y7)

William Gan (Parent of Y8)

Michelle Meng (Parent of Y10)

Charisma Nambiar (Parent of Y11)

Canteen Convenor:


Yvonne Liang (Parent of Y11)


2024 JRAHS P&C Meeting Dates

Term 1

  • 13 February, Tuesday (Week 3) at 6:30pm on Zoom
  • 19 March, Tuesday (Week 8) at 6:30pm on Zoom – AGM

Term 2

  • 14 May, Tuesday (Week 3) at 6:30pm on Zoom
  • 18 June, Tuesday (Week 8) at 6:30pm on Zoom

Term 3

  • 6 August, Tuesday (Week 3) at 6:30pm on Zoom
  • 10 September, Tuesday (Week 8) at 6:30pm on Zoom

Term 4

  • 29 October, Tuesday (Week 3) at 6:30pm on Zoom
  • 3 December, Tuesday (Week 8) at 6:30pm on Zoom

JRAHS P&C Recent Accomplishments

  • Establishment of community-run school canteen service.
  • $12,808 to purchase 37 microscopes for the science labs.
  • $61,818 to purchase a Petrof Grand Piano and Stage Cradle for the theatre.
  • $60,000 to install laser projectors and peripherals in classrooms.
  • $3,200 to purchase laboratory equipment for the science faculty.
  • Secured $40,000 grant for the oval seating stage 2 project.
  • $1,000 to purchase 4K digital camera and accessories for arts.
  • Canteen Appeal raised $6,808 for a commercial dishwasher in the canteen.
  • $100,000 towards the construction of oval seating.
  • $56,450 towards the installation of 100kW Solar Panel system on the Gym and Technology Block roofs (240 panels).
  • $57,621 towards the purchase of new audience chairs, chair racks and trolleys for the JC Hoskin School Auditorium
  • $27,660 towards the refurbishment of the Uniform Shop in Barrengarry House.
  • $77,149 towards the internal refurbishment of JC Hoskin School Auditorium.
  • $192,000 towards the refurbishment of another 4 Science Laboratories and Prep Room in the Powe Block.
  • $200,000 towards the contingency fund to ensure the building of the James Ruse Gymnasium.
  • $175,000 towards the renovation of three science laboratories in Cameron Block.
  • $30,000 for new textbooks to support the introduction of the Australian Curriculum.
  • $114,600 towards air conditioning to most of the classrooms.
  • $12,000 towards library resources.
  • $7,500 towards Gifted & Talented Subsidies.
  • $5,065 towards school diaries annually.
  • $2,797 towards the purchase of musical instruments to assist with the establishment of the JRAHS Australian Cadet Unit Pipe Band.
  • $2,000 towards the purchase of baby grand piano.
  • Printing of fridge magnet school calendars annually.